Welcome to AL MAJAL Dewatering

AL MAJAL Dewatering L.L.C (MDC) . is a company based in U.A.E. The Company strived to develop innovative practical & flexible Under Ground Water Control system catering to diverse project involving complex site & soil condition and intends to build reputation for handling even the most difficult Dewatering Projects successfully both economically and on schedule.

The company’s service consists of site evolution including contract restraints, Dewatering system design compatible with client and the client’s engineering representative. Through technological leader ship, commitment to service and responsiveness emergency needs of the market place, MDC provides the highest level of service in the U.G.W.C. industry.

MDC has been aiming to enrich society and contractors through our service. Our goal is to be a good Dewatering Service provider constantly winning the trust and respect of the both private & government communities. Continuing in the 21st century we aim to stable long-term growth while striving for harmony with main contractor, society and the environment.

Under Dewatering service principles, we practice openness and fairness in our cooperate activities; strive for cleaner and safer Dewatering Service and work to make the earth a better place to live. We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support by selecting us as a subcontractor for Dewatering Service.